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Expert Roundtable: Top 3 Tips for Keeping Your Testing Environment Secure

As your school district moves forward adopting Common Core and the standardized test that go along with these new teaching standards, it is important to understand how to keep your testing environment and the data secure. You need to be able to block access to websites as well as applications. And, with the potential of having students taking tests on iPads, Chromebooks, PCs and Macs, you cannot control it at the endpoint. You need to be able to manage access at the network level. How confident are you that your students are not compromising the results of your online tests? How do you know for sure?

Val Verde District is Using Google for Education Tools to Administer Assessments

In 2013, Val Verde decided to adopt Google Apps, helping facilitate collaboration and real-time feedback among their 20,000 students and 840 teachers. In 2014, the district purchased 6,000 Chromebooks for students to use in the classroom and have had a phased approach to ensure they can scale in a sustainable fashion. Most recently, they used Chromebooks for the upcoming Smarter Balanced AIR assessments with much success.

Using a LMS Is Not a Matter of If, But When

K-12 technology initiatives benefit greatly by having an easy-to-use, highly adoptable LMS to facilitate interactions between teachers, students, and content. If you’re not using an LMS today, come find out why Tempe Union HSD thinks you will be (or at least should be) soon.

3D Printing: From Classroom Applications to the International Space Station

In the technological world that we live in, we have many choices when it comes to the equipment that we can use to complete a task. As teachers of technology, we must consider all our options. 3D printing is becoming more and more mainstream. Join this webcast to learn how this tool has become an integral part of the NASA HUNCH (High Schools United with NASA to Create Hardware) Program which allows students to develop an experiment for testing on the ISS (International Space Station) using a Dimension 3D printer.

Engaging with the Local Community through Google at St. Albans City School

In this webcast, hear directly from the Innovation Specialist at St. Albans City School in Vermont about how they use Google Apps for Education to transform learning and engage with the local community. From their early days as a Google Apps for Education school, St. Albans worked on creative projects using Google Tools to improve their town. With Google Maps and Google Earth, students at St. Albans plotted street light locations in the city in an effort to improve security. Today, students at St. Albans continue to work on a variety of projects through Google Apps for Education, such as improving local trails. Attend this webcast to learn how St. Albans uses Google Apps as an integral part of their project-based learning curriculum.

Is your Wi-Fi Network Ready for Online Testing?

2014 will be the year of digital assessments. As the fall deadline for Common Core testing approaches, school districts need to make sure that their network can handle the deluge of devices and traffic this will create. Get a game plan for putting your network in order. Join our webcast on February 20 when Jeffrey Jennings, SLED Contracts/E-rate Manager at Xirrus, will talk with THE Journal about what schools need to do to.