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The Smart Way to Roll Out 1-to-1 in a Large District

In this webcast, Ryan Imbriale, winner of THE Journal’s Innovator of the Month for March, will share lessons learned from his district’s gradually implemented 1-to-1 initiative, which began with a plan called Students and Teachers Accessing Tomorrow (STAT). Imbriale will discuss why the district chose the device it did, how it piloted the program at 10 “Lighthouse Schools,” and why it chose to start with elementary school students.

Date: 03/11/15

Time: 12:00PM PT

Dell Software Customer Experts Series: Seminole County Public Schools

Join us to gain valuable insights into how one of the largest school districts in the U.S. efficiently manages its 30,000 desktops and laptops - ensuring accurate inventory, swift deployment, timely software updates and efficient troubleshooting – all while minding the budget, by leveraging the KACE K1000 and K2000 from Dell Software. With 66,000 students and 7,000 employees, Seminole County Public Schools relies on Dell to enable the forward-thinking initiatives that help make it one of the most highly performing school districts in the state while also ensuring security and reducing costs.

Date: 03/12/15

Time: 12:00PM PT

Secrets for 1:1 Success: Planning, Pedagogy and Patience

What does it take to successfully implement a 1:1 program? Lou Zulli Jr., will share what made their program at Lakewood High School a success from concept to vision, to device evaluation, pedagogical transformation and student enthusiasm.

Date: 03/25/15

Time: 12:00PM PT

ReNEW Schools Embrace Personalized Learning to Help Students Prepare for College and Careers

Personalized learning is seen as essential to helping ReNEW students reach grade level, and to propel disadvantaged students to transcend barriers of class and income. Brandon Phenix will share more about the goals, their progress in the last few years and how Google Apps and HP Chromebooks have enabled blended and personalized learning.

Date: 03/31/15

Time: 12:00PM PT

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Digital Portfolios: Facilitating Authentic Learning and Cultivating Student Ownership

In this webcast, you will hear from educators in New York and Nevada who give real-world examples of why and how digital portfolios are changing the way K–12 students are learning and showcasing evidence of their learning progress.

Challenge to Excellence Charter School (C2E) Uses Android Tablets with Google Play for Education to Support K-3 Learners

In this webinar, you’ll hear directly from educators at the Challenge to Excellence Charter School (C2E) in Parker, Colorado. The educators at C2E wanted younger learners to benefit from flexible and fun classroom tools, while learning the knowledge-seeking skills that would serve them well in later school years. They adopted Android tablets with Google Play for Education for first, second, and third-grade classrooms. The new tools have helped encourage creative thinking by teachers and students, and new ways to get information — like sharing photos from a student’s trip to India, or using an online Hangout to talk to a real-live World War II veteran.