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Welcome to our free K-12-technology-in-the-classroom white paper and case study library from our sponsors. Click a title to read more or download.If you have any questions or comments about our webcasts please contact Mallory Bundy via email.

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Durable Devices for the K-12 Classroom

Lenovo recommends Windows 8 Pro.

Consumer grade laptops are all too easily damaged at school, with hazards ranging from dents and dings to spills on the keyboard and cracked displays, seriously impacting technology Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and students’ ability to learn. Lenovo® is committed to deliver products designed for education-ready durability, built to meet the challenges of 24/7 student learning in the classroom, at home, and everywhere in between.

Cisco Capital Financing Offer for K12

Cisco Capital Financing Offer for K-12: Customers to Help Close School Budget Gaps

Cisco Capital can enable the deployment of new technology today, using existing and future budgets. Achieve your technology goals without budget limitations.

Desert Sands Case Study

Desert Sands School District Helps Students Succeed With Cisco Network

Desert Sands taps Cisco virtualization and BYOD solutions to boost student achievement scores and reduce costs.

Indianapolis Schools Case Study

Indianapolis Schools Updates Data Center to Support Online Assessments

Case study describing how Indianapolis Public Schools consolidated data center to achieve cost savings while scaling to meet student computing demands.

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Make a Difference. No Compromise.

Printing solutions have become complicated. With new options and technology, such as MFP or CLOUD services, it is making short and long term printing decisions much more complicated. Read this whitepaper to learn about available printing solutions that offer low acquisition costs, low energy consumption and speedy print production.

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Tackling Fast-Moving Big Data Problems with an SSD Architecture

Download this Micron/Dstillery Case Study to learn how this advertising technology pioneer resolved their Big Data problems with an SSD architecture solution.

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Make One-to-One Computing a Reality

Traditionally the 1:1 computing model has been achieved by providing access to PCs, but adding PCs costs more than just their price alone. In an effort to establish a future-proof IT platform, schools are turning to desktop virtualization to achieve 1:1 computing without straining existing resources or budgets.

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Nation’s Second-largest Union High School District Picks Canvas for its 1:1 iPad Initiative

Learn how Sweetwater Union High School District partnered with Canvas by Instructure LMS to make a 1:1 initiative work for them.