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What You Need to Know Now 5/11/2017


  • Study: Preschoolers Learn Similarly for Digital and Print Books

    Reading stories aloud to children has long been proven to boost early literacy skills, but less has been revealed about the impact of a story's format on learning. Now, new research says that preschool-age children will comprehend a story in both digital and print formats if they enjoy the story's content.

  • DeVos: We're Just 'Scratching the Surface' of Ed with Tech

    The new Secretary of the Department of Education told an audience of education innovators that she believed the role of technology in education has just begun to "scratch the surface," particularly in bringing "new opportunities" to rural populations.

  • Ed Dept. Names Finalists for Virtual and Augmented Reality Competition

    The ED has selected five finalists in the EdSim Challenge, a national competition that aims to advance students' career and technical skills with immersive, computer-based simulations. Finalists will each receive $50,000 and continue to develop their prototypes for a chance to win the $430,000 grand prize.

  • CTE Reauthorization Draws Congressional Attention

    Even as Congress faces the challenge of funding the federal government for a few more months, some legislators have also turned their attention to a revamp of the law covering career and technical education.


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