System Facilitates Digital Recording

VC introduces the Digital-S line, an affordable high-quality 4:2:2 component digital recording and editing system. This format is downward-compatible with S-VHS and easily integrated into existing editing suites through an RS-422A control interface. High-quality 4:2:2 component digital signals stand up to the rigors of sophisticated chroma-keying. The JVC system also uses a 3:3:1 compression ratio and data sampling rate of 50 Mbps. The Digital-S product line includes the BR-D85 editing recorder with digital I/O and standard pre-read, the BR-D80 editing recorder for full-feature digital editing, the BR-D50 player, the BR-D51 player with S-VHS playback and the BR-D40 docking recorder. All studio decks are equipped with variable slow motion and 16-bit pulse code modulation. Other features include repeat playback from the beginning to the end of a tape, auto rewind, counter search, job/shuttle to ± 32 times and LCD menu. JVC Professional Products Co., Elmwood Park, NJ, (800) JVC-5825.

This article originally appeared in the 09/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.

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