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Myths Revealed: Technology in the Classroom

With Apple’s ability to provide an abundant amount of resources and content to promote creativity, facilitate interaction and deliver a differentiated learning experience, why would some parents, teachers, school administrators and IT staff be hesitant to implement an iPad program?

Modern Tools for a Modern Education

Students need a broad set of skills to be successful in today’s world. To better help them prepare, K-12 districts throughout the country are taking a blended approach to achieve personalized learning. Making that transition successfully starts with envisioning what learning should look like and how to create authentic learning experiences. Download this white paper to learn how two school districts, Cabarrus County Schools in North Carolina and Lake Travis Independent School District in Texas are currently making that transition.

Your Complete Guide to Technology STEM

Learning science, technology, engineering and math goes better when students and educators have ready access to computing devices with Intel® technology. This guide provides practical advice to help you optimize what you’re doing.

Mobile Device Management 101

As iPad usage continues to grow in schools around the world, are you grappling with how to deploy, inventory, and secure the devices in your environment? In this e-book, you’ll learn how to manage iPad and discover ways to leverage these devices for more than just communication.

Leveraging Technology to Enrich STEM/STEAM

THE Journal surveyed K-12 education decision-makers on the use of computing devices and its impact in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) programs in their schools and districts. Download this exclusive infographic to learn what they reported.

Focus on the Future with Tool's for Today's Learner

Preparing students for their careers beyond their school years is the foundation of the educational mission. In a recent THE Journal webcast, Ron Cone, Executive Director of Information Technology for the Kennewick School District in Washington state explains how his district prepares students for beyond high school and college. Download this informative Digital Dialogue to learn how technology is helping foster innovative teaching and learning practices.

Transformative Learning with iPads

As technology usage continues to grow in K-12 schools around the world, now is the time for educators and IT to examine ways to provide students with the best educational experience possible. In this white paper, you'll gain a better understanding of the crucial role iPads and apps play in providing personalized learning and how IT can give that experience to each and every student.

Apple iOS 9.3 in Education: Assessment and Evaluation

Apple’s new education features included with iOS 9.3 attempt to address some of the most challenging issues surrounding iPad® deployments in schools. The question is why now? For one, Apple’s position in education is increasingly under stress. Google Chromebook™ notebook computers, with their easy management, and powerful learning tools have taken the U.S. education market by storm. This white paper reviews the latest education features of iOS 9.3 and shortfalls when compared to Windows and Chrome devices.