Research & Forecasts

Researchers Provide Taxonomy of Gen AI Misuse

To clarify the potential risks of GenAI and provide "a concrete understanding of how GenAI models are specifically exploited or abused in practice, including the tactics employed to inflict harm," a group of researchers from Google DeepMind, Jigsaw, and recently published a paper entitled, "Generative AI Misuse: A Taxonomy of Tactics and Insights from Real-World Data."

Cloud AI Slides to Rock Bottom in Gartner 'Hype Cycle'

Cloud AI services have been downgraded from the "slope of enlightenment" to the "trough of disillusionment," according to Gartner's latest report on AI trends.

Human Error Remains the Leading Cause of Cloud Data Breaches

Human error is still one of the biggest threats to cloud security, despite all the technology bells and whistles and alerts and services out there, from multi-factor authentication, to social engineering training, to enterprise-wide integrated cybersecurity platforms, and more.

Report: Generative AI Agents Can Exploit Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities

A new study from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) found that large language model agents can autonomously exploit real-world cybersecurity vulnerabilities, raising critical concerns about the widespread deployment and security of these advanced AI systems.

Teachers Report Increase in AI Usage

Half of educators in a recent survey said that AI usage among students and teachers has increased since the fall of this school year.

Report: Gen Z Students Expect AI to Negatively Impact Society

Generation Z students (those born after 1997) have a number of concerns about artificial intelligence, according to a new survey conducted by the National Society of High School Scholars (NSHS).

Only Half of Ransomware-Compromised Data Will Be Recovered, According to Survey Report

Organizations are vulnerable to substantial data loss and negative business impact from a ransomware attack, according to a recent Veeam Software survey.

NCES Report Highlights Concerns About Academic Performance, Staffing, and Mental Health

In a February 2024 National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) School Pulse Panel survey, school leaders had major concerns about students meeting academic standards; student and teacher/staff mental health; staffing shortages; and testing/assessments.

Survey: Top 3 Critical Trends for Schools in 2024

School administration software company Frontline Education's Research and Learning Institute has released its first "K–12 Lens: A Survey Report from Frontline Education" on current and emerging trends impacting school districts across the U.S.

Report Reveals Exponential Growth in K–12 Digital Reading

K–12 student reading platform Sora, a division of educational digital content provider OverDrive, has released its first report, "The State of K–12 Digital Reading," showing that student reading had increased exponentially during the 2022-23 school year over previous years.