• Burleson ISD Shares their Journey of Embracing Technology in the Classroom

    Join the Executive Director of Technology and the Learning Technologies Coach at Burleson Independent School District, along with Google for Education, for an instructional webinar to see how they are shifting their district culture to embrace technology integration. Learn how they use Google tools in the classroom to focus on student learning and curriculum support. Follow their journey as they move from the How and the What of technology integration to a culture of Why. 06/02/15

  • Using Classroom and Google Apps with High School and College Students

    In this webinar you will hear from Alice Keeler, a high school and college teacher who is successfully using Google Apps for Education and Classroom with her students. Alice will give examples of several assignments she has run using Classroom. At the end there will be time for Q&A. 12/16/14


  • Belleville School District: Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi Enables High-Density Learning

    Belleville Township High School District had been using the Ubiquiti Unifi solution for the last several years, and was plagued with density challenges from the beginning. It was time for a change, so Belleville looked into cloud-managed infrastructure solutions to solve their bandwidth constraints. Read this case study to learn why they chose Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi, allowing Belleville to take classroom learning to the next level. 03/01/17

  • 9 Myths About Wi-Fi K-12 Education

    With the growing use of Wi-Fi, primary education is entering a bold new frontier. And while it’s easy to get caught up in the sci-fi vision of tomorrow, school IT administrators face much more mundane and pressing challenges right now. Read this white paper to uncover the 9 common myths about school Wi-Fi deployments, allowing you to separate fact from fiction when implementing Wi-Fi solutions. 03/01/17