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EdTech Evaluation in Practice: More Evidence, Better Decisions, Improved Student Outcomes

Edtech solutions can have significant impact on student outcomes–but understanding whether the tools your district is investing in are producing the academic returns you’re hoping for can be a challenge. How can district leaders get answers to tough questions about where edtech budget dollars are going, what’s paying off, and which tools are truly moving the needle for students? Attendees can expect to come away with first-hand insights on evidence-based edtech management, best practices for district-generated research, and actionable tips for engaging with edtech provider partners in evidence work.

THE Journal Leadership Summit: Key Strategies for K-12 Information Technology in 2021

In our first-ever IT Leadership Summit dedicated to information technology and instructional technology professionals, our experts spotlight strategies to support the mission of K–12 education in these unusual times and provide insights into funding those strategies.