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Teaching with 3D Printers – How to Engage Students with Hands On Learning

In this webcast you will hear how teachers have used 3D printers to engage students at all levels; from elementary to high school. For example, we will discuss how middle-schoolers are using an uPrint SE 3D printer to create a custom ear bud holder. We will also talk about a 4th grade class creating money clips from initial design to end-use print. In regards to these projects and more, we will discuss the importance of writing the lessons into the curriculum.

Creating Future Ready Students with Digital Learning

Learn how the Allen Independent School District is creating “future ready” students by focusing on digital learning, high priority learning standards, and assessment. See how they used an LMS to implement online and blended learning.

Glyn School Students in the UK Empowered by Going Google

In this webcast, hear about how Google tools are helping transform classrooms around the globe. Glyn School is located in Surrey, about 40 minutes away from London in the UK. This webcast will feature both educators and students from the school ready to share their experience with using educational technology.

Leverage Desktop Virtualization to Streamline IT and Meet Online Testing Requirements

You know better than most the daunting challenges schools are facing today: the need to meet the impending online testing mandates, to managing technology infrastructure, and do so with limited budgets and resources. It’s no surprise then that schools are looking to virtual desktops as a solution.

How a Texas District went Google: New Caney Helps Close the Achievement Gap with Extensive 1:1 Program

In this webinar, you’ll hear directly from Dustin Hardin, Director of Technology at New Caney Independent School District. You’ll hear about the three year journey New Caney ISD took from not having any wireless access in their 14 campuses to starting a 1:1 program with Chromebooks in just three years. This will include a brief overview of all the milestones over the three year period (moving from a legacy email system to Gmail, automating student accounts, etc.), how the decision was made on Chromebooks, and most importantly, how they afforded it.

Developing Google Classroom: How One District’s Students and Teachers Helped Shape a Global Learning Tool

In this webcast, you’ll hear directly from John Krouskoff, the Manager of Learning Technologies at the Lower Hudson Regional Information Center. John was the Technology Director for Clarkstown Central School District for eight years. Listen to how he led the district’s adoption of Google Apps for Education and participated in the first ever pilot for Classroom.