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Key Components of a Successful Digital Signage Program in K-12 Institutions

Download this quick reference guide to learn how you can create and maintain a successful digital signage program at your K-12 school or district.

Gamechanger: The Real Digital Gap

Schools and districts are busy laying out plans for spending millions in federal relief funds. And while it's apparent much of those funds are being invested in technology initiatives, it's less clear how much is being spent on securing that same technology—which could spell trouble for K-12. Download this informative Gamechanger now to learn more.

New Frontiers in Data

With the right tool, the analysis, reporting and dashboarding of school data are no longer just the purview of district specialists. Now, timely information leading to better decision-making can be made available to anybody on the staff with the security to see the data, in leadership or on staff with questions to ask.

K-12 Digital Learning Predictions

The past few decades have brought significant changes in K-12 education. Many schools have empowered students by giving them a mobile device for learning. Education is becoming more personalized and engaging, with students taking a more active role in their learning. Student-driven inquiry, creation and collaboration are replacing teacher-centered instruction — and anytime, anywhere learning is becoming a reality.

Building a Future-Ready K-12 Network

Technology is transforming K–12 education by enabling richer, more personalized and more student-centered learning environments. Aided by technology, students are collaborating with their peers and with subject-matter experts around the world, creating and sharing original ideas. In this new era of learning, a powerful and scalable network is essential for delivering on technology’s promise. This e-book will help you understand how to be prepared to meet evolving network requirements.

Powering K-12 Digital Transformations

Digital transformation is the integration of technology throughout all areas of education to fundamentally alter teaching, learning and school operations. It’s not tinkering around the edges. It’s making wholesale changes to the entire organization to drive systemic change. And it’s not just improving on old processes. It’s reimagining these to deliver more value to students and other stakeholders in ways we couldn’t envision just a generation ago.

Project Tomorrow: Taking learning online – leveraging online resources to support students’ learning and teacher effectiveness

In this report, we analyze how teachers are using digital content and resources in the classroom today and the views of technology leaders for how to effectively support that usage. These insights will be contextualized around the concept of bandwidth stability and usage in the classroom specifically to drive academic outcomes. Included in this report are the perspectives of teachers and their students about the workplace and academic outcomes associated with effective technology use in the classroom.

Essential Guide to K-12 Content Filtering

Although CIPA compliance may be the main reason K–12 school districts need web filtering, it shouldn’t be the only reason. Filtering in today’s schools is more than blocking harmful or obscene websites — it’s about keeping students safe and focused on learning.