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2021 Cybersecurity Threat Trends: Phishing, Crypto Top the List

In 2020, cyber criminals launched four types of endpoint threats responsible for 10X more than all others: Cryptomining, phishing, trojans, and ransomware. Criminals also launched highly coordinated, multi-stage attacks, using proven, tested malware vehicles to deliver ransomware and steal data. In our latest report, Cybersecurity threat trends: phishing, crypto top the list, we used Cisco Umbrella to capture billions of queries, identifying the top cyber threats in 2020, and how to stop them in the future.

Ransomware Defense for Dummies Checklist, 2nd Edition

The rise of ransomware over the past few years is an ever-growing problem and there are no signs of this extremely lucrative criminal enterprise going away. Are you concerned about keeping your school or district up and running in the face of an attack?

Student Cybersecurity 101

Find out why security built into the foundation of the internet is better at providing visibility into internet activity across all students and staff and all devices, on and off-campus.

The Top Six Network Security Pitfalls

Trying to get ahead by staying behind a firewall won’t work in 2021. A number of obstacles stand between you and a safe network. Your security solution shouldn't be one of them. Avoid these six common network security pitfalls that put your users, their devices, and your data at risk.

5 Tips for Transforming Your Endpoint Security

Digital transformation, the move to the cloud, and a rapidly expanding attack surface are driving the need for a new class of endpoint security, capable of defending organizations against a more diverse and sophisticated threat landscape. Is your endpoint security ready?

How to Choose the Best Classroom Management Software for 2021-22

Classroom management software has been used to facilitate digital learning for over 30 years, but many educators had never tried it until the pandemic forced schools to turn to 1:1 distance learning. Software like LanSchool, is just as useful in the classroom, but if you’ve never purchased it before, you may have questions about how to choose among the options in the edtech market.

ABM Case Study: Madison County Schools

ABM has partnered with the Madison County Public Schools district in northeastern Georgia as their provider of integrated facility services, saving them a projected $40 million over 17 years.

Interactive Learning for a Changing World

Students and teachers alike are struggling in our newly hybrid world where learning takes place partly on-site and partly remote. Focus and motivation are limited. Distraction and disengagement are routine. The truth is, there’s no silver bullet for addressing the COVID era’s confusing and cumbersome educational terrain. But there’s at least one question worth asking: How can we make learning fun again?