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Embracing Flexible Learning: Four Steps to Making Hybrid Education Work

School systems are meeting the demands for flexible, hybrid learning environments, and navigating the curve balls. This doc outlines the benefits of a cloud-based IT infrastructure for education. Download it now to learn more.

Case Study: Jeffco Public Schools

Download this case study to learn how Meraki solutions supported one school district to pivot to remote work and hybrid learning.

Case Study: Pflugerville Independent School District

Download this case study to explore how one school district used mobile device management to save time, increase productivity and provide superior security.

Save the Day with Platform-Based Infrastructure

Education has experienced uncertainty over the last year and a half, but a cloud-based infrastructure can allow IT to be nimble and flex when needed. Download this eBook now to learn more.

Utilizing Available Federal Funds for K-12

With over $130 billion in federal funding for K-12, there is no better time than now to improve the school experience. This guide highlights all the funding available. Download it now to learn more.

Beyond the Classroom: Conversations with K-12 IT Leaders Today

Register now to hear from K-12 IT Leaders as they share how cloud-managed IT supported their school’s learning model and how they are transitioning to their new normal.

A New Generation of AI-Driven Hyperconverged Infrastructure to Advance Our Future Generation

Today’s K-12 schools are facing increased pressure to respond to shifting demands brought on by a confluence of factors, including the rise of ransomware, the COVID-19 pandemic, and more. As a result, the need for solutions that help streamline operations, safeguard sensitive data and maximize cost efficiencies has never been so great—nor has there been such a demand for innovative remote and blended learning experiences that help bridge the divide across such a diverse population of learners.

Developing K-12 Cyber Defense for a Hybrid Learning Era

The job of network defenders in K-12 hasn’t gotten any easier as schools have reopened for face-to-face teaching and learning. Taking the right cybersecurity posture will position your district for maximum flexibility. These do’s and don’ts can make the difference — download now to read on.