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Three Essentials for Remote Learning Success

Making distance learning accessible for all students is a high priority. Download this whitepaper to read about three essential technology solutions to keep classrooms connected, so you can keep students learning.

Getting Ready for a Flexible Fall

Now that schools are reopening with a mix of in-class and at-home learners, the hyflex model of instruction is a necessity. But, these conditions don't mean you have to give up on student collaboration. Download this white paper to learn how you can make it work.

Network Navigation: An IT Director's Guide to School Reopening

While some students have returned to campus, others are attending classes virtually, and still others are doing a mix of both. One thing that has not changed is that CIOs, CTOs, and IT and network directors are the key to delivering the learning experience through a solid network. This year the job is more challenging than ever.

Leveraging SolarWinds to Improve Remote Support

The key to ensuring continued success for remote workers is to provide the accessibility, visibility, and throughput necessary to allow these employees to continue “work as usual” remotely, which includes supporting them as seamlessly as possible.

Constructing a Common Language for 1-to-1

A Dell EMC expert on K-12 digital transformations explains why a lot of districts that have already implemented a program to give computing devices to every student aren’t getting the return they expected.

eSports in K-12—Getting Started Checklist

Both K-12 and colleges and universities are scrambling to keep up with demand for the newest mode of learning: esports. Two experts explain why it’s happening and how to get started.

Turning to Student Voice and Choice for High School eSports

Grapevine-Colleyville Independent School District CTO Kyle Berger is facing new kinds of challenges he never could have foreseen before introducing an esports program into his high schools, including taking calls from college recruiters who want to know more about some of his players and hearing from parents wondering how they can get their kids on the teams. But, as he explains in this interview, the response from students has made those tiny hassles all worth the effort.

Tackling the Digital Learning Time Crunch

When Rialto Unified School District undertook a 1-to-1 program for its 26,000 students, the California school system knew an infrastructure update was in order. And the more those devices were being used for learning — not just during school, but after school, for Saturday school and deep into the summer — the smaller the windows became in which the IT organization could handle maintenance tasks. The district decided to try a new approach for refreshing the network.