Welcome to our free K-12-technology-in-the-classroom white paper and case study library from our sponsors. Click a title to read more or download. If you have any questions or comments about our white papers please contact Mallory Bundy via email.

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3D Printing Inspires Tomorrow's Engineers

3D printing is quickly revolutionizing education as districts are quickly implementing a 3D printing curriculum in almost every subject from Fine Arts to Physics. Download this informative eBook to learn how school districts are using 3D printing to prepare students for bright careers in the future.

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No Learning Curve with Cisco Mobility Express Solution

Students have been using technology to help them learn for years. But only recently have they been able to use digital textbooks or work on tablets or laptops wirelessly. Faculty and administrative personnel also rely on wireless networking for internal communications. Unfortunately, innovation comes with associated costs some schools simply aren’t able to afford. Cisco Mobility Express Solution for grades K-12 allows schools to deploy a wireless LAN in minutes, even with a tiny or nonexistent IT staff and budget. Find out how Cisco helps even the smallest schools deliver the most robust performance possible from day one.

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Case Study: Coachella Valley Unified School District

With an iPad for every student and every teacher, Coachella Valley improves the classroom experience and protects the community’s 20,000-iPad investment with Survivor All-Terrain rugged cases from Griffin. Download this case study to see how they did it.

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Modern Campus: Mobile. Collaborative. Social

Download this white paper to learn how to bring out the best in Windows software tools with Accessories built by Microsoft, the people who built Windows.

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Survivor Journey for Surface Pro

Download this white paper to learn how to protect your 1:1 initiative with great technology.

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Empowering Smart Learning

Today’s sedentary lifestyles are affecting our youth and their classroom performance. Compound this with pressures to sacrifice physical education time for more classroom time for the core subjects. Download this white paper to learn how schools can encourage this new learning environment by supporting the technology platform while promoting a healthier, active classroom.

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2015 Study: Communication Trends Shaping K-12 School Safety

Find out why over 900 educators in 48 states say they could be better equipped for emergencies – and what stands in their way. Plus, learn how your school can improve safety, emergency preparedness and everyday efficiency in this just-released report. Download the results and see how your school communications compare.


Classroom Live Streaming on a Budget

Live stream PA announcements, assemblies, sporting events and other events such as graduation ceremonies! This e-book will help you get started live streaming, and give you tips to establish a successful, budget-conscious live streaming setup for your school.