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Facilitate a New Kind of Learning

As the digital classroom evolves, Mac and iPad programs lead the way, supporting new school and classroom initiatives. This report outlines how instructional staff can benefit from using devices and software that put student learning first.

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The Guide to Mac OS X Deployments in Education

Is your school about to launch a Mac program, but you’re not sure where to start? This guide will help you get a successful Mac program up and running in 5 easy steps.

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The Guide to Apple iOS Deployment in Education

So your school is about to launch a 1:1 iPad program, and you’re not sure where to start? That’s where the Apple Management Experts can help. Since 2002, JAMF Software and the Casper Suite solution have helped schools across the globe ensure their Apple programs are a success.

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Citrix Mobile Workspaces for Education

Mobile students need mobile workspaces with on-demand, secure access to the apps, data and services they require, expanding beyond traditional methods to promote independent and exploratory learning – without compromising security or compliance. To learn how to deliver personalized, mobile workspaces to students, faculty and staff, download the whitepaper.

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Georgia Tech Case Study

The Georgia Institute of Technology partners with Citrix to provide 13,000 students with anytime, anywhere access to school applications through a virtual lab, giving students the tools they need to be successful. To learn more about their 8-year journey with Citrix virtualization, read the case study.

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Student Mobile Workspaces Infographic

94% of higher education leaders agree that students should have access to applications and data anywhere, on any device, but 55% said their institution does not provide this level of access to students today. To learn more about how mobility is impacting the way students learn, download the infographic.

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6 Steps to Building Business Partnerships in Your Engineering Program with 3D Printing

One of the most effective ways to teach students is to give them projects and problems from real life. Download this white paper to learn how you can offer your students usable career skills by creating partnerships with local businesses.

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Best Practices for Student Surveys

Student surveys provide teachers and administrators with valuable feedback that can improve teaching and learning. To gather high-quality data, educators must use validated instruments. Panorama Education has worked with over 6,500 schools and 225 districts to survey students, families, faculty and staff to collect actionable feedback data.