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Leveraging Technology to Enrich STEM/STEAM

THE Journal surveyed K-12 education decision-makers on the use of technology and its impact in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) programs in their schools and districts. Download this exclusive infographic to learn what they reported.

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Maximizing the Educational Impact of Video in the Digital Classroom

As evidence continues to demonstrate the considerable benefits of 1:1 student-to-device ratios, blended learning, and technology-fostered collaboration, instructors are increasingly turning to digital content to enhance their lessons. Ranging from virtual labs and games to digital textbooks and online curriculum, many of the diverse types of digital content rely on video. For decades, research has revealed the benefits of using video in the classroom, and with faster Internet connections and affordable technology the use of digital video content has skyrocketed.

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Manage Student Performance in Real Time

Primary and secondary school districts nationwide are looking for greater insight into student performance and the effectiveness of approaches to improving the quality of their educational programs. Download this white paper to learn how to empower administrators and educators with the insights to help students by using existing data to drive optimal individual achievement, gain greater visibility into school and district performance and enhance program and teacher effectiveness.

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Top Tactics to Secure Funding for your 3D Printer

Those who have successfully integrated 3D printing and related activities into their districts have learned how to tap the power of grant funding to cover the expenses and extend their programs in new and innovative ways. This report will provide advice for making your own “grant grab” to bring the benefits of 3D printing to your students.

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Five Things To Know About How the Internet of Everything Will Affect K-12 Education

Increasingly, students have multiple connected devices. As the line between school and home continues to blur, K-12 districts will evolve in how they support learning and manage campuses in the Internet of Everything.

Survey Report: Managing Apple Devices in K12

The annual JAMF Software Trends Survey uncovers trends associated with Apple adoption in education, what’s driving Apple’s evolving role, and the profound security and management implications of supporting the Apple platform.

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Connecting Classrooms Through Thoughtful Innovation

Incorporating technology in the classroom and other learning environments presents enormous opportunities for enriched collaboration and learning, but it can also be difficult, expensive, and disruptive. Download this white paper to learn how Belkin Education is partnering with schools around the world to understand the challenges that educators face to create solutions that enable simple and seamless integration with the latest technologies.

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Website Security for Dummies

If you’d like to better understand Website Security or know somebody else who should, Website Security for Dummies is the book you’ve been waiting for. Symantec demystifies the science behind SSL authentication, encryption and more in the world-famous 'For Dummies' style, it’s The How-To Guide to keeping a company safe from online threats.