Networking & Wireless

Rural Kansas District Rolls Out 802.11n

Following a year-long review period and site survey, Ulysses Unified School District 214 in Kansas has deployed an 802.11n wireless network across all of its campuses.

New Hampshire District Ramps Up Wireless

Two districts in New Hampshire have deployed a centrally managed wireless network in an effort to improve performance and enhance network security

Microsoft Releases Free MAP 5.5 Toolkit

Version 5.5 of the Microsoft Assessment and Planning (MAP) Toolkit was released early this week.

Aerohive Buys Pareto Networks To Expand Cloud Offerings

Two competitors in the wireless networking market are joining forces. Aerohive Networks has acquired Pareto Networks and will begin integrating Pareto's network-as-a-service technology into its own products and services.

Meraki Enters Wired Market, Introduces Network as a Service Pricing

Meraki is taking Cisco head-on and entering the wired networking gear space with the release of two new routers intended for branch deployment. However, the company, which up until now has specialized in catering to the wireless space, continues its practice of pushing device management into the cloud.

Virginia District Rolls Out Multi-Campus Wireless

The Isle of Wight County School District (IWCSD) in Smithfield, VA has implemented an Aerohive wireless local area network throughout its school campuses.

Siemon Addresses Physical Layer Security with Fiber Optic Lock

Siemon, a company that produces network cabling and related hardware, has released a line of locks specifically to prevent unauthorized access to unused fiber optic network ports.

Exinda Updates Application Acceleration Appliance Operating System

Exinda has updated ExOS, the operating system that runs on its application acceleration appliances. Exinda's technology helps IT administrators monitor and prioritize network traffic and control network access in order to improve application performance.

Motorola Intros WiNG5 WLAN Architecture

Motorola Solutions has introduced WiNG5 WLAN, an 802.11 wireless network architecture aimed at helping IT departments offer high quality and maintain the flexibility necessary to keep pace with evolving infrastructure and technology.

Brief: Meraki WiFi APs Get Performance Boost, Price Drop

Meraki has released a couple of new access points (APs) in its 802.11n family, boosting performance and lowering cost.