Securexam 'Cheat-Proofs' Remote Test Taking


Software Secure (Cambridge, MA) has released its Securexam Remote Proctor system, which provides exam security for distance learning environments. Working with Troy University's (Troy, AL) distance learning program--which maintains an advanced distance learning program -- the system eliminates the need for remote students to take exams on-site or in the presence of a proctor.

For increasing numbers of time-strapped and "non-traditional," distance learning students and the faculty an educational institutions that serve securing exams adds a critical link in the remote education chain. "As distance learning has become mainstream, testing integrity and degree credibility have remained under the microscope for academic institutions of all sizes," said Software Secure President Douglas Winneg, in a prepared statement.

Securexam is used to secure exams at more than 300 academic institutions. Securexam Remote Proctor replicates this security in a distance-learning setting by authenticating the identity of a remote test-taker and ensuring the exam process is as honest as it is in the classroom. It does so by:

  • Locking down online testing tools so and preventing the user from accessing anything else on the computer during a test;
  • Biometrically authenticating the test-taker's identity before granting access to the test; and
  • Capturing real-time video and audio of all suspicious behavior in the exam location for a remote exam proctor to review.

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David Kopf is a freelance technology writer and marketing consultant, and can be reached at

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