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StudyBlue Releases New Flashcard iPad App

StudyBlue flashcard Roy Lichtenstein

Online study service StudyBlue has released its first iPad app, bringing the site’s user-generated flashcards, as well as its search and note-taking tools, to Apple’s tablet.

The free app lets students create, search, and study flashcards and notes using text, audio, and images, and then assess themselves on what they've learned. Students can also re-study concepts that they haven’t yet mastered, using filters to personalize the process.

StudyBlue has already released native apps for iPhone and Android.

"From computers to phones and now iPads, students can create and study their material anytime, anywhere," said Becky Splitt, the company’s CEO in a statement. "This consistent studying experience enables students to turn normally unproductive time, such as waiting for the bus, into study sessions to improve their comprehension and ultimately master course material."

The move may be aimed at tapping into a growing trend. Previously, the company has released self-collected data mined from its users showing that studying via mobile devices has increased ten fold over the past year. Mobile devices may also be changing the way students study. "More than 70 percent of mobile studiers utilize features such as flashcard flipping and quizzing, while just 30 percent of web users access these tools," the company wrote in June. "Web-only users are more likely to limit their usage to browsing and reviewing study material online."

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