Security & Privacy

Emergency Notification: One District's Hurricane Story

St. Charles Parish Public Schools had its emergency notification service up and running just ahead of the most notorious American hurricane in modern times.

Panda Adds Firewall to Cloud-Based Antivirus App

Panda Security has updated its cloud-based antivirus program Panda Cloud Antivirus, which now includes a firewall that relies on "collective intelligence" for risk rating.

The Long (Inexpensive) Bus Ride Home

In a challenging economic environment, school districts are looking for ways to manage their transportation costs, reduce carbon footprints, and maintain student safety. Technology, including global positioning systems and software, is leading the effort.

Meru Invites Guest Management Firm Identity Networks into the Fold

A major wireless vendor with a presence in the education market has purchased a small technology firm for its expertise in network guest management. Silicon Valley-based Meru Networks has acquired UK-based Identity Networks, which sells guest and device access management applications. Neither company disclosed the terms of the deal.

Missouri State Teachers Association Sues State over Social Networking Law

The Missouri State Teachers Association is suing to repeal part of a law that places limits on the communication teachers can have with students, particularly through social networking platforms.

Genetec License Plate Camera Can Control Parking Lot Gates

Security vendor Genetec has released a new license plate recognition camera designed specifically to capture the plates of cars entering or leaving a parking lot.

Morgan County School System Implements Secure Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Georgia’s Morgan County School System has implemented a secure virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) to enable its students and staff to access their personal desktops from any computer.

Wireless to the Nth Degree

Wireless access points that utilize the 802.11n standard offer super fast speeds and can simultaneously support a multitude of bandwidth-hogging devices. The n-standard access points achieve speeds up to six times that of their predecessors and can support 50 to 100 client connections at once.

Fine-Tuning Internet Security

With the proliferation of web 2.0 applications and mobile devices, school internet security requires more than a simple firewall.

Canon Intros IP Security Camera for Low-Light Environments

Canon has unveiled an IP security camera that records video in low light conditions and captures at resolutions up to 1,280 x 960.