Security & Privacy

Pennsbury District Puts Up NAC Wall To Keep Out Devices

A school district in Fallsington, PA has implemented a network access control appliance to manage user access to its wired and wireless networks. Pennsbury School District had seen its network security cracked, opening it up to thousands of unauthorized devices.

New Genetec Apps Bring Security Control to Mobile Devices

Genetec has released a mobile app that lets authorized users monitor and control aspects of their security systems.

Education Organization Adds e2Campus to Discount Buyer Program

An organization that aggregates the buying power of K-12 and higher education has added an emergency notification service to its member marketplace.

Wisconsin District Beefs Up Video Security Through COPS Grant

With the help of a federal grant, the Mauston School District in Wisconsin is adopting technology in its schools to help bolster physical security.

DataFetch Allows for Short-Distance Wireless ID Logging

A new one-button wireless scanner can scan and transmit barcode information from an ID card or driver's license back to a logging computer located up to 200 feet away.

Securing School Laptops

K-12 campuses are hotbeds for laptop theft. Here's how to give your schools a fighting chance at protecting themselves.

Genetec Adds Intermittent Video Stream Recording

Genetec has just updated its software to enable security users to manage video archiving, adding a feature it calls "video trickling" to Omnicast, its video surveillance management software.

Web Application Firewall Targets XSRF Attacks

Mykonos Software has released an enhanced Mykonos Security Appliance, a next-generation Web application firewall (WAF) designed to protect Web sites from hackers, fraud, and theft.

Web Access Manager Puts Teachers in Control of Filtering

Lightspeed Systems has released an update to its Web filtering system for K-12 schools, one designed to provide enhanced, granular control and allow teachers to adjust settings without requiring intervention from the IT department.

Developers Partner for K-8 Social Learning Platform

Online developer Everloop and educational publisher i-Safe are teaming up to launch an online social platform targeted toward K-8 students and their teachers.