Offers Flat-Fee Licensing of Operating System Inc. is now offering a flat-fee educational program that allows any institution to install the LindowsOS operating system and educational software on an unlimited number of computers for $500 a year. Any institution interested in taking advantage of this new program should visit,

The educational program offers LindowsOS bundled with Web browsing, e-mail and other basic software programs. Schools are also given free access to Click-N-Run Warehouse (www.lindows. com/warehouse), an additional productivity software, similar to OpenOffice, which offers a full-featured office suite with word processing, spreadsheet, presentation manager and drawing programs — all capable of reading and writing in Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office file formats.

LindowsOS combines the stability of Linux with the ease of Windows. It offers an easy-to-experience interface and supports popular Microsoft Windows file types. In addition, LindowsOS uses Click-N-Run technology, which allows users to add software programs to their computers with a single mouse click.

This article originally appeared in the 02/01/2003 issue of THE Journal.

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