Summer Saw Debut of campus MCI Internet

Building on its education-specific campusMCI services, the telco announced its latestoffering&emdash;campusMCI Internet.This allows colleges and universities to provide a "value-added" Internet service to theirstudents, faculty, staff, alumni and even the community.The service uniquely addresses the problem of demands for off-campus dial-in Internet access,up to a 30-mile radius. It offers users 28.8 and 14.4 access speeds, 24-hour customer service,e-mail and more.Institutions can structure billing any way they want, with different fees for students, staff andthe community if desired. MCI provides campus administrators with equipment support,network design, Internet authentication, access to campus services and integrated billing.Over 40 campuses have signed up; another 50 are in the works. State boards of education arealso purchasing it for clusters of community colleges and K-12 schools.Users do not "see" campusMCI Internet; they see the college's network. At the University ofKentucky, for example, they log-on to WildcatNET and get their access at 40% below others'cost. MCI Telecommunications Corp., Atlanta, GA, (800) 644-NEWS.

This article originally appeared in the 10/01/1995 issue of THE Journal.

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