WP Creates, Converts Docs into HTML-Ready

WebAuthor offers point-and-click creation of HTML documents for the Web. It is an add-on program that integrates into Microsoft Word.

One views and creates the document as it will appear in its final form &emdash; no cryptic tags. Convenient menus, toolbars and dialog boxes make it easy to format text for the Web, embed graphics, create forms and more.

Pre-existing documents may be converted; data tables, annotations, footnotes and tables of contents stay intact with hypertext links created between items automatically. Users can save in either HTML or Word for Windows format; there is automatic conversion between the two.

Highlights include a Form Manager to create HTML forms for use on the Web, complete with text boxes, list boxes and radio buttons. A List Manager creates HTML-style lists. Anchor Manager and Image Manager create and maintain links within Web pages.

WebAuthor supports HTML 2.0 and Netscape extensions; more popular extensions such as Tables, Backgrounds, Center and Text Flow Around Images; and recognizes some HTML 3.0 tags and user-defined tags. It also supports all types of hypertext links, GIF images and more.

Complete online help and a tutorial with sample pages for first-time authors is included. Quarterdeck Corp., Marina del Rey, CA, (800) 683-6696, www.quarterdeck.com. W

This article originally appeared in the 01/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.

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