Slide Recorder Has Time-Saving Features

The Sapphire Pro Slide Recorder images 4K 35mm slides in as little as 35 seconds, an increase of about 42% over earlier desktop film recorders by Management Graphics.

The unit also supports 2K, 3K, 6K and 8K resolutions. Custom internal Look-Up Tables (LUTs) provide calibrated colors for many common professional and standard films. In addition, users can retain their own LUTs with a simple "save" command from the front panel.

The Sapphire Pro's unique straight film path helps prevent time-consuming misthreads. A Digital Pin Registration system ensures accurate film positioning from frame to frame, while Digital Geometry Control (DGC) automatically manages image settings such as alignment, vignette, linearity, orthogonality, aspect ratio, dynamic focus and size.

Standard GPIB and SCSI interfaces provide connectivity with Macs, PCs and UNIX workstations. Management Graphics, Inc., Minneapolis, MN, (612) 854-1220,

This article originally appeared in the 02/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.

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