May 99

12-15, Los Angeles, Calif. E3: Electronic Entertainment Expo, sponsored by Interactive Digital Software Association, Los Angeles Convention Center. Contact: (800) 315-1133, www.e3expo.com.

18-19, Anaheim, Calif. Southern California Conference for Desktop Publishers, sponsored by CompuMaster, Hyatt RegencyAlicante. Contact: (800) 867-4340, compumaster@mcimail.com.

17-21, Portland, Ore. 1999 ASPRS Annual Conference, sponsored by ASPRS: The Imaging and Geospatial Information Society, Oregon Convention Center. Contact: (301) 493-0290, ext. 105, www.asprs.org.

June 99



1-4, Baltimore, Md. TU/GIS '99, "The Internet and GIS: Exploring New Mapping Opportunities," sponsored by the Center for Geographic Information Sciences at Towson University, Baltimore Convention Center. Contact: Dr. John M. Morgan, III, (410) 830-2964, jmorgan@towson.edu.

8-10, San Jose, Calif. eBusiness Conference and Expo, sponsored by Business Week and Information Week, San Jose Convention Center. Contact: (800) 652-2578, www.ebusinessexpo.com.

10-12, Orlando, Fla. INFOCOMM International, sponsored by ICIA, Orange County Convention Center. Contact: (800) 659-7469, www.infocomm.org.

13-16, Salt Lake City, Utah. IHRIM Spring Conference and Exposition, "Where HR Meets Technology," sponsored by the International Association for Human Resource Management (IHRIM), Salt Palace Convention Center. Contact: (312) 321-5141, www.ihrim.org.

16-18, Wallingford, Conn. The Eighth Annual Conference of the Administrative and Campus Computer Environments for Small Schools (ACCESS), sponsored by ACCESS, Choate Rosemary Hall. Contact: Pamela Livingston, (215) 247-4700, ext. 169, livingsp@netreach.net.

20-23, New Orleans, La. Innovations 1999, sponsored by League for Innovation in the Community College, Hyatt Regency. Contact: (949) 367-2884, www.league.org.

21-25, Indianapolis, Ind. 9th Annual International Computer Music Technology Conference and Workshop, sponsored by Indiana University School of Music, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) campus. Contact: G. David Peters, (317) 287-2591, www.indiana.edu/~ive/.

22-24, Atlantic City, N.J. NECC '99, "Spotlight on the Future," sponsored by the National Education Computing Association (NECA), Inc., Atlantic City Convention Center. Contact: (541) 346-6322, www.neccsite.org.

27-30, St. Paul, Minn. 1999 National Media Education Conference, "Taking Charge in Changing Times," sponsored by the Partnership for Media Education (PME), Radisson Hotel. Contact: (303) 756-8380, www.nmec.org


28-31, La Crosse, Wis. International Library Automation and Internet Technology Conference, "Providing Answers Through Access," sponsored by Winnebago Software Company, Radisson Hotel. Contact: (800) 533-5430, ext. 2105, www.winnebago.com.

August 99

1-6, Big Rapids, Mich. 74th Annual International Graphic Arts Education Association (IGAEA) Conference, sponsored by IGAEA, Ferris State University. Contact: Robert Beaverson, (616) 592-2908, graphicarts.ferris.edu.

4-6, Madison, Wis. 15th Annual Conference on Distance Teaching and Learning, sponsored by the University of Wisconsin Madison Continuing and Vocational Education, University of Wisconsin Madison. Contact: (800) 462-0876, www.uwex.edu/disted/conference.

November 99

7-9, Boston, Mass. 37th Annual New England Kindergarten Conference serving Pre-K through Grade 3 Programs, sponsored by Lesley College, Hynes Convention Center. Contact: Marta Gredler, (617) 349-8922, mgredler@mail.lesley.edu

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