Hands-On - Waterloo Maple Inc.

From Waterloo Maple, Inc. and Casio, Inc. comes a new handheld PC, Cassiopeia A-20, the 'Computer Extender'. It has a built-in 640 x 240 display, pen-touch sensitive screen and Hitachi SH-3 (80MHz) CPU. The fully portable Cassiopeia A-20 combines the technology of three educational software developers -- Waterloo Maple, Key Curriculum Press and Math Resources, Inc.

Waterloo Maple has developed a software system to work with the portability of Casio's new Windows CE device for exploring, learning and solving problems in mathematics from algebra to calculus.

Maple for Windows CE suits high school and college students and teachers. With Geometer's Sketchpad software from Key Curriculum Press, students can build mathematical models, then explore their properties dynamically by transforming their components. Math Resources, Inc. provides a Graphing Calculator to accompany the 'Computer Extender'. Waterloo Maple Inc., Waterloo, Ontario, (800) 267-6583, www.maplesoft.com.


This article originally appeared in the 09/01/1999 issue of THE Journal.

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