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Spectro-Link MT-RJ-style fiber optic connectors are the newest additions to Leviton’s Opt-X Fiber System, and are available in Workstation and Frame-Station styles. These new, dual-polarity connectors combine high-density MT-RJ connectivity with a field-termination process simple enough for even a novice installer to learn in minutes. They bring high-density, MT-RJ capability to any network, allowing connection to a variety of switches, routers, hubs, NICs media converters and other devices.

The line includes two distinct styles of connectors. Workstation-style connectors offer a two-piece construction with dual-polarity, keystone-style adapters and push-button fiber insertion and retention. Frame-Station-style connectors use cam technology to lock the fiber into a terminated position. They are high-density for use in the frame, or can be combined with a Keystone Workstation adapter for use in an MOS wallplate at the workstation. Both connectors have a pre-polished array fiber ferrule that eliminates the need for polishing, and that allows installers to test and reinsert fiber prior to crimping.

Like Leviton’s Thread-Lock series of fiber connectors, Spectro-Link utilizes the innovative Versa-Cleave tool in its termination process. This provides a high quality precision cleave for MT-RJ, with the addition of two MT-RJ adapters: one for Workstation connectors, and one for Frame-Station connectors. The connectors work seamlessly with existing mounting plates, adapters and MT-RJ patch cords. An MOS adapter is available for integration into MOS outlets. Leviton Fiber-optic Technologies, Bothell, WA, (425) 486-2222,

This article originally appeared in the 10/01/2000 issue of THE Journal.

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