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Research: IT Predictions for 2013

The IT industry's transition to mobile computing, cloud services, social networking, and big data technologies--collectively referred to as the third platform--will accelerate in 2013, according to IDC Predictions 2013: Competing on the 3rd Platform, a recent report from International Data Corporation.

Free Network Analytics Service Identifies Potential Areas for Performance Improvement

A new free online service promises to help organizations troubleshoot potential problems areas in their networks and provide point-in-time reporting of every device.

Fluke Adds Agentless Device Visibility to Wireless Management

Fluke Networks has introduced new capability in its AirMagnet line that allows an organization to track wireless smart devices without having to deploy client software, such as an agent, on the device.

Teaching With Content Curation

A California teacher discovers an effective tool for teaching English.

Oracle Releases Oracle NoSQL Database 2.0

Oracle has released Oracle NoSQL Database 2.0, a scalable, low-latency, key-value database for real-time big data workloads.

British School Brings Desktop Apps to Students' Mobile Devices

Futures Community College, a secondary school in the United Kingdom, has implemented new technology to accelerate BYOD adoption on its campus by providing access to desktop applications via students' mobile browsers.

Norfolk Public Schools Implements Mobile Device Management System

Norfolk Public Schools in Virginia has implemented a new system to manage more than 900 mobile devices used by the students and teachers in the district.

Faronics Launches Tracking Software for Computer Labs

Faronics has unveiled online software for school district computer labs that automatically tracks lab, computer, application and printer usage data.

GibbsCAM Adds Student Edition

A company that develops applications for the toolmaking and manufacturing industries has introduced a student version of its software.

GroupLink Offers Free Help Desk Software for Schools

GroupLink is offering its help desk software, everything HelpDesk, for free to K-12 schools and higher education institutions.

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