Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

Detroit Public Schools Receives $35,000 for STEM Ed Projects

Twenty-six teachers at Detroit Public Schools will have funding for science, technology, engineering and math projects thanks to $35,000 in grants.

STEM Site Adds Tools for Evaluating STEM Resources

STEM Central, as website housing more than 3,000 links to STEM-related resources, has upgraded its site to include tools that allow teachers to evaluate and rank resources and add their own links.

San Diego Supercomputer Center Launches Computer Science Workshops for Middle School Students

The University of California, San Diego's San Diego Supercomputer Center has partnered with local middle schools on a series of computer science workshops designed to get more female and minority students interested in computing.

5 Tech Tools for the Next Generation Science Standards

An education futurist shares his favorite software and hardware to help teach the NGSS.

New Lab School Puts Digital Fabrication Technologies in the Hands of Middle Schoolers

Charlottesville City Schools has opened the first in what is expected to be a string of lab schools that will put advanced manufacturing technologies in the hands of middle and high school students and serve as a training ground for science teachers.

Play-i Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for Child-Programmable Robots

Play-i, a new company recently launched by former Apple, Amazon, and Frog Design employees, has launched a crowdfunding campaign for Bo and Yana, two robots designed to be programmed by children as young as five years old.

Summer of Coding Gives Moodle Boost and Young Programmers Practice

Google's latest "Summer of Code" has ended, and Moodle users are among the big beneficiaries.

6 Tips To Get Your Kids Excited About Coding

Jen Mozen, organizer of Girl Develop It Chicago and delivery principal at Table XI, offers up pro tips and free resources to help you spark and sustain a child's interest in programming inside and outside the classroom.

3D Printing, Gamification To Impact STEM Education Within 3 Years

A new report from the Horizon Project has identified the 12 technologies will have a significant impact on STEM+ education over the next five years.

Army, National Science Teachers Association Kick off STEM Competition

The eCybermission competition, a free program sponsored by the United States Army Educational Outreach Program and administered by the National Science Teachers Association, has opened registration for project teams interested in participating in its 12th annual iteration.