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Brief: Kit Takes School PA Systems Wireless

Califone International has launched a new upgrade kit that lets schools add wireless capabilities to their PA systems.

2011 Security Trends: Bad Times with Refined Phishing and Mobile Apps

Cyber security will be no easier in the new year than it is now, as malware proprietors get more sophisticated in their phishing attempts, malware-as-a-service becomes the norm, and smart phones and tablets draw increased attention from cyber criminals.

Firewall Suite Untangle Adds Bandwidth Control

Untangle has updated its firewall application. Version 8.0 of flagship product, Untangle, includes a module specifically for controlling bandwidth usage.

It's Time To Trust Teachers with the Internet: A Conversation with Meg Ormiston

For Meg Ormiston, it's a wonder sometimes that teachers don't just give up. Restrictive Internet policies in schools, coupled with unresponsive IT departments and beleaguered administrators, present teachers with a nearly impossible situation: They're being pressured to incorporate 21st century teaching and learning into their classrooms, but they're not being allowed to use the tools they need to do that.

Social Networking: The Essential Balancing Act in Schools

School administrators are a cautious group. But the pressure to adopt social networking in school settings is on, and it's forcing them to consider how to implement these potentially valuable educational tools with the privacy and "safety" needs of their underage constituents in mind. Christopher Wells, director of IT policies and communications for Gwinnett County Public Schools, looks at ways administrators can protect their students while continuing to move forward with technology. He also supplies six concrete tips for crafting an Internet policy.

Microsoft Warns of New Internet Explorer Zero-Day Attack

In a security advisory released Wednesday, Microsoft warned users of Internet Explorer vulnerability that could allow remote code execution by hackers.

Growing California District Moves to SAN To Protect Data Systems

With an eye toward improved disaster recovery, Castro Valley Unified School District in California has moved to a SAN-based system to protect critical data housed on its newly centralized systems, including both virtualized and non-virtualized servers.

Kensington Releases ClickSafe Locks

Kensington, a company that offers computer locks, computer input devices, power adapters, chargers and accessories, has rolled out two new locks designed to secure laptop computers, projectors, and other devices equipped with a Kensington lock port.

California and Blackboard Notify Parents About Whooping Cough Epidemic

The California Department of Public Health is using Blackboard Connect to make available a broadcast message about the pertussis epidemic and the need for vaccination in the state.

Software Security Report Hones In on Botnets

Microsoft has released Volume 9 of its "Security Intelligence Report," drawing on data gathered from three Microsoft security efforts to identify and catalog data threats from the first half of 2010.

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