Cyber-Bookshelf: E-Wally and the Quest


Net Works Publishing; $9.95

A new book seeks to teach children about the rise of the Internet, bridgingthe gap between a generation that grew up on the printed word with one that is growing up with computers. Net Works Publishing calls E-Wally and the Quest a mythological tale that demystifies the explosion of technology in our society.

Written by Judy Shasek and Wendy Anderson Schulz, the story follows a young e-mail delivery boy on his quest to become the heroic leader of the Land of the Internet. With the help of his human friends, E-Wally battles viruses, hackers, worms, an evil king and the Queen of the Bugs.

E-Wally and the Quest was developed from the authors' real-life encounters while providing technology integration and family involvement activities for a number of public schools in Florida. The authors say the e-book engages the reader in discovering the importance of safely and responsibly using the Internet.

In addition, an advertisement-free Web site for students, teachers and parents accompanies the e-book. It can be accessed at [URL no longer valid]. The site contains activities that encourage communication, hands-on fun and shared learning. The e-book may be purchased at Net Works Publishing, Bend, OR, (541) 312-8015..

This article originally appeared in the 01/01/2002 issue of THE Journal.

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