Mindsurf, EdVISION Combine Testing Content and Tools

Mindsurf Networks and EdVISION Corp. have partnered to offer school districts standards-based testing content and tools called Assessment Connection for Achievement Essentials.

EdVISION’s Assessment Connection creates classroom assessments aligned to a district’s specific standards and objectives. The questions are then delivered through Achievement Essentials to each student’s computer as part of a lesson. Teachers can then access students’ answers as they finish.

Assessment Connection helps schools align their teaching with state testing and curriculum standards, and helps teachers integrate standards-related questions into daily instruction with Achievement Essentials. By integrating state standards and high-stakes exam skills into their daily lessons, teachers can help students perform well on those tests as a part of the learning process, rather than cutting into class time for test preparation.

Achievement Essentials comes with an instructional platform that enables real-time lesson delivery, assessment and instant student-teacher communication. The instructional platform allows teachers to view student comprehension in real time and assess student performance in detail. Mindsurf Networks, www.mindsurfnetworks.com; EdVISION, www.edvision.com.

This article originally appeared in the 01/01/2002 issue of THE Journal.

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