RedSky Launches Campus Alert Tool

##AUTHORSPLIT##<--->Automated E911 provider RedSky Technologies (Chicago, IL) has released Broadcast Alert, a tool to help emergency and security personnel reach higher education campuses and school districts with emergency and alert messages.

Broadcast Alert works with RedSky's Location Information Server and the Emergency On-site Notification feature of its E911 Manager application to deliver SMS text messages to cell phones and emails to PCs.

"Every student has a cell phone and, with Broadcast Alert, every student can be reached as quickly as you can send an SMS message," said RedSky SVP Nick Maiert.

Broadcast Alert delivers police emergency alerts, weather and traffic alerts, and building closure notices. Schools can create and send messages in seconds to subscribers who have registered their device with their university.

The new service is immediately available in version 5.4 of E911Manager, which is certified for integration with Avaya, Nortel and Cisco call processing platforms.

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