New Version of Print Management Software Aims To Help Cut Costs

Netop has released PrintLimit Pro 9.4, an update to the company's print management software that's geared toward more efficient printing and helping school environments save on three heavily used commodities: paper, ink, and time.

The key features aimed at saving money and time are load balancing, which allows network users with heavy print traffic to spread a print load over a large group of member printers, and "Find-Me" printing, which allows for intelligent routing of print jobs to release stations at large sites. Additional new functions of version 9.4 include:

  • Centralized monitoring and reporting of toner levels for all printers on network;
  • Support for 64-bit Linux installations;
  • 10 new reports covering printer usage and environmental impact; and
  • Improved scalability, allowing for support of tens of thousands of user clients, even on standard 32-bit server hardware.

Existing users who purchased a previous version of PrintLimit Pro after June 2008, and those with upgrade protection agreements from GenevaLogic and/or Netop, can upgrade to version 9.4 at no charge with a new license key, available from Netop Customer Service here.

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