iNACOL Online Innovator Award Winners Announced

The International Association for K-12 Online Learning (iNACOL) has announced the winners of its first annual Online Innovator Awards. The organization, which promotes online K-12 learning through advocacy, research, and professional development, presents awards in three categories: best and most innovative learning practice; important new research furthering the advancement of K-12 e-learning; and most innovative individual achievement.

The group named the "Fire and Ice" program, managed by Elluminate, as the winner for best and most innovative learning practice. The program was designed to connect schools in the northern hemisphere with schools primarily in developing regions in the southern hemisphere, for the purpose of international collaboration on projects with universal themes, such as climate change and poverty reduction.

For important new research, iNACOL recognized Cathy Cavanaugh of the University of Florida. Cavanaugh edited what is generally considered the first scholarly book on virtual schooling, Development and Management of Virtual Schools, and has published numerous other articles and reports on the subject.

Finally, the award for most innovative individual achievement in online learning went to Keith Oelrich, CEO of Insight Schools, a national network of online public high schools serving at-risk students. iNACOL recognized Oelrich's long-standing dedication to online education, as distinguished by his organizational efforts and use of his expertise to influence legislation on behalf of the cause.

The awards were presented during the iNACOL 2009 Virtual School Symposium held November 15-17 in Austin, TX.

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