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Ontario Secondary Schools Turn to Plagiarism Detection

iParadigms has started licensing its Turnitin originality checking tool to the Ministry of Education of Ontario, Canada for use throughout the Ontario secondary school system.

Turnitin, which scans student essay content and compares it against a database of journals, Web pages, student papers, and other publications through a Web browser, will be available to Ontario public high schools starting Sept. 1, 2010.

The anti-plagiarism component of Turnitin is part of iParadigms' WriteCycle package, which provides citation, peer review and feedback, and assignment grading features,plus integration with Blackboard and Moodle learning management systems. WriteCycle is available through various licensing options priced according to subscription time or number of reports generated.

Licensing by the Ontario Ministry of Education, serving more than 700,000 students in about 900 secondary schools, marks the largest adoption of Turnitin by a school system to date, according to an iParadigms statement.

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