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2 California Districts Bring Digital Media to the Classroom

Two high school districts in California have adopted digital media systems for delivering educational content to their classrooms. Both have chosen Safari Montage, a digital media management and video instruction product for educators.

Safari Montage ties a multimedia player with integrated modules for playlist and lesson plan management, live stream and videoconferencing capability, external device control, and user-created content support, among others. Teachers, students, and parents can also get home access from a dedicated server for school districts implementing the system district-wide. The latest 4.0 release includes support for whiteboard integration, additional file types, a variable speed playback option, and new playlist and system administration tools.

Kern High School District in Bakersfield, serving 29 schools and other educational sites with more than 35,000 students, said it chose Safari Montage for its LDAP integration, as well as its alignment to California state standards.

Sweetwater Union High School District in San Diego County said it chose Safari Montage, in part, for its Spanish-language content, as well as features that facilitate interoperability with products from other vendors. Sweetwater serves 32 schools and more than 70,000 students and adult learners, a majority of whom are Spanish speakers--81 percent, according to information released last week.

More information about Safari Montage can be found here.

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Evan Tassistro is a freelance writer based in San Diego, CA.

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