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Hitachi Debuts Compact 10,000 Lumen Projector

Hitachi America recently introduced its 9000 Series DLP projectors designed for large-capacity venues at InfoComm 2013. Featuring two different lamps, the compact projectors, which weigh 41 pounds, offer a brightness of up to 10,000 lumens when both lamps are working simultaneously.

Hitachi 9000 series projector
Hitachi's 9000 series projector
Additional features of the 9000 series include:
  • Accentualizer image processing, which allows users to control and enhance sharpness, contrast, and other effects based on surroundings;
  • Motion Adaptive Deinterlacer for focused images, even during fast-moving video;
  • Two built-in color wheels, enabling both a rich color mode (ideal for use in environments where vibrant, rich images are required) and bright mode;
  • HDCR (High Dynamic Contrast Range) for correcting blurred images that are caused by room lighting or outside light sources; and
  • Built-in edge blending, capable of seamlessly connecting the same image being displayed by multiple projectors.

According to Hitachi, the projectors also include a motorized lens shift for dialing in lens shift, zoom, and focus;  six interchangeable lenses are available to match various screen sizes and installation environments from small conference rooms to auditoriums or convention halls.

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