• Upper Grand School District Turns to Android Tablets and Google Play for Education to Teach Students Anytime Anywhere

    In this webinar, you’ll hear directly from educators at the Upper Grand District School District on Ontario, Canada. The educators at UGDSB wanted to support universal learning with technology that would help students learn and express their knowledge in different ways. They adopted Android tablets and Chromebooks with Google Play for Education. The new tools have encouraged students to collaborate seamlessly, and have expanded learning resources to accommodate many different learning styles. 05/12/15

  • A Personalized Roadmap for 1-to-1 Success

    Register now to attend this event to learn about implementing detailed plans that are responsive enough to change course based on feedback from the classroom. This event will provide a lively exchange of ideas among educators who share the common goal of using technology to transform education. 05/01/15


  • Seven Strategies for Engaging
    Middle-Schoolers in Complex Texts
    PDF Asset

    With all the changes happening in middle school students’ lives, keeping them engaged can be challenging. How can you help them stay focused to develop the strong analytical, critical-thinking and problem-solving skills required by the new college- and career-ready standards? 04/09/15

  • Connecting to E-rate in Education

    Many schools and libraries have taken advantage of the government’s E-rate program to help fund their efforts to connect to the Internet, purchase telecommunications services, and access newer broadband technologies. Download this informative infographic to learn how E-rate has proven to be a valuable source of technology funding that helps support a range of school-wide activities, according to recently surveyed IT decision-makers in K-12 education. 04/03/15