PC Keyboard Features Adjustable Halves

The Ergo–;Master PC–;compatible keyboard features independent halves that can be positioned at nearly any angle for maximum comfort and efficiency. An internal timed beeper even reminds one to periodically change ty¼ng positions.

The keyboard especially suits users who must perform intensive, long–;duration ty¼ng duties, which may lead to repetitive stress injuries such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or shoulder tendinitis.

Its two halves are attached to the desktop via a track clamped underneath the desk. A numerical keypad section can be added at either end of the keyboard.

Provided are 84 fully programmable keys, laid out on both the front and back of the keyboard. Ergo–;Master is based on a design invented by Kevin Conway, a physical thera¼st in Santa Rosa, Calif, and sells for a SRP of $495. Genovation, Inc., Irvine, CA, (714) 833–;3355.

This article originally appeared in the 01/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.

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