Auto-Sizing Light Field Helps Users

Wolfvision Visualizers are document cameras that originate in Austria.

The VZ-15 and VZ-35 offer the unique, patented Wolfvision light system: a light field the size of the built-in camera's pick-up area. When zooming the camera, the light field sizes itself accordingly, allowing one to position an object without ever looking at a monitor. No light adjustments are necessary, and even hollow objects are completely illuminated.

The new VZ-5b portable model is lightweight (11 lbs.) and can be set up anywhere in seconds. With only five buttons and a high-speed autofocus, the unit is extremely easy to use. It also has a 12:1 zoom and a light source that can illuminate the space in front of the unit for working in dimly lit rooms.

The larger models VZ-15 and VZ-35 are claimed to have the highest depth of focus on the market.

Wolfvision, Inc., San Carlos, CA, (800) 356-WOLF.

This article originally appeared in the 06/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.

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