One Network Switch Does ISDN & Analog

The LanRover Access Switch, for large-scale analog and ISDN remote access, delivers a scalable, high-capacity and high-performance platform for secure remote access via T1/E1 and ISDN lines. Suited for large educational institutions such as universities or K-12 districts wishing to offer district-wide access, the product supports over 80 simultaneous, high-speed dial-in sessions. With the LanRover Access Switch, an academic entity can deploy large, central site remote-access solutions that address the full range of remote networking applications within a single, flexible architecture for Intranet, Internet and private LAN access. To meet the distinct requirements of large-scale remote networking, the LanRover Access Switch offers a combination of multiprotocol routing, data switching, PBX-style call control and client/server functionality. It features a new multiprocessing architecture with 200 MIPS of power, which enables all critical tasks to be done in parallel. In addition to providing a fully integrated solution for analog and ISDN connectivity, the new LanRover switch enables institutions to easily expand and/or migrate to new technologies such as Frame Relay or ATM. It supports all major remote networking functionality found in the ShivaOS 4.0 operating system software such as multi-platform, multiprotocol support; single-user dial-in, shared dial-out; and LAN-to-LAN routing. Shiva's Tariff Management technologies reduce remote access costs by controlling bandwidth, connection and data. Such technologies include "virtual connections" for client-to-LAN environments, which minimizes WAN connect-time costs by only keeping dial-in links active when actual data is being sent. Finally, many options for security are integrated, including support for third-party security products. The switch itself can act as a centralized authentication and authorization server. Pricing includes all software necessary to implement multiprotocol remote access including an unlimited license for ShivaRemote 4.0 client software. Shiva Corp., Bedford, MA, (800) 977-4482,

This article originally appeared in the 10/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.

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