Bundle Connects LANs to Internet

Instant Internet is a complete hardware/ software solution that provides access to the Internet for all users on the local area network through a single IP address.

The product supports up to 50 workstations simultaneously on a NetWare, POWERLan, Windows 95 or other IPX-capable network.

Administrators simply plug in the phone line and network cable, and select an Internet Service Provider.

The unit comes with a built-in dial-up 28.8K modem, 64K/128K ISDN connection, or external router support, depending on bandwidth requirements. A built-in firewall protects from incoming TCP/IP traffic.

Robust management tools let one assign privileges by time of day, day of week, IP address, domain name and port numbers; filter newsgroups to control sensitive environments; and monitor Internet activity in real time.

Instant Internet ships with network licenses for a Web browser, news reader, FTP client and POP e-mail client. Performance Technology, San Antonio, TX, (800) 784-4638, www.instant.net

This article originally appeared in the 01/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.

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