IVR Add-on Gives Access via Web

PeriWeb is a software add-on to any of Periphonicsí IVR (Interactive Voice Response) automated touch-tone phone applications that adds access from the World Wide Web.

The University of California at Berkeley used PeriWeb to open Web access to their Tele-BEARS and Info-BEARS automated applications. Now students can register for classes, search for financial info and more via the Web. Plus, since Cal Berkeleyís Tele-BEARS is a real-time application, it will update students that, for example, desired classes have been filled at registration time.

PeriWeb itself is a development environment, featuring PeriProducer, for Web-based transaction processing services on the firmís own RISC-based VPS systems and stand-alone Sun workstations. Systems range from small (4-24 ports), mid-sized (8-128 ports) and large (up to 960 ports) needs. Periphonics Corp., Bohemia, NY, (516) 467-0500, www.peri.com.

This article originally appeared in the 04/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.

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