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TeraNex’s Xantus line of digital television format converters allow for the conversion of any video format to any other video format. The products can up-convert, down-convert and cross-convert to any video format in real time. This enables educational institutions to cost-effectively migrate entire video libraries to a digital television format.

The converters are based on a programmable parallel video processor in a 19" rack mount chassis. This platform allows users to add functions, features and formats via CD-ROM or the Internet without having to purchase expensive new hardware. Xantus converters support all existing and emerging SDTV and HDTV standards, as well as non-standard formats.

Three conversion techniques distinguish the Xantus converters. The first is PixelComp, a pixel-by-pixel motion compensation algorithmic technique that retains the full vertical resolution of interlaced video through the de-interlacing process. The second is Gamma Correct Colorspace Conversion, a mathematically precise technique that maintains the correct color from one format to another. The third discriminator is FrameComp, which enables precise frame-rate conversion without double images or motion judder. TeraNex, Orlando, FL, (407) 571-1086,

This article originally appeared in the 02/01/2000 issue of THE Journal.

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