Electronic Academic Journals Place Entire Publishing Process Online

The Berkely Electronic Press has launched its inaugural set of academic journals, The B.E. Journals in Theoretical Economics and The B.E. Journals in Macr'economics. Each set consists of four quality-rated journals, Frontiers of..., Advances in..., Contributions to... and Topics in... The B.E. Journals handle every step of the publishing process, from initial subscription to subscription delivery, via the Internet. These titles are available for a limited time at www.bepress.com.

The bepress.com system offers unique advantages to subscribers, editors and authors. The delivery system, utilizing IP authentication over the Internet, ensures 24/7 access, directly from the reader’s desktop. Authors are able to submit articles to several journals at once via a central editorial body. Submissions are peer-reviewed by a panel of editors and referees, then slotted into one of the four journals. Other benefits of the system include feedback and forums among authors and readers; e-mail notification of new publications that are tailored to readers’ interests; links between and among related articles; and easy electronic submission and revision for authors. Berkely Electronic Press, Berkely, CA, www.bepress.com.

This article originally appeared in the 06/01/2001 issue of THE Journal.

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