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Red Hat Releases Enterprise Linux 7

Red Hat has unveiled the latest version of its flagship platform, Enterprise Linux 7, which is designed to provide a foundation for open hybrid clouds and enterprise workloads across converged infrastructures.

As educational institutions increasingly move their applications from on-premises to the cloud, Red Hat is touting Enterprise Linux 7 as a "true open hybrid cloud platform" that provides a consistent runtime platform for applications across bare metal systems, virtual machines, infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), platform-as-a-service (PaaS), and public and private clouds.

Key features of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 include:

  • Linux Containers, including Docker, which support application development, delivery, portability and isolation across physical, virtual and cloud deployments;
  • XFS as the default file system and other file system improvements;
  • Support for secure access for Microsoft Active Directory users across Windows and Enterprise Linux domains;
  • Integrated application runtimes and development, delivery and troubleshooting tools;
  • Infrastructure components such as systemd for managing processes, services, security and other resources;
  • Built-in performance profiles, tuning and instrumentation;
  • OpenLMI for streamlined administration and system configuration;
  • Enhanced application isolation and security;
  • Optimized network management, bandwidth and security;
  • KVM Virtualization technology; and
  • Ability to run Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 as a guest OS.

The company plans to offer training and certification on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 in the near future.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 is available now. Further information, including a full list of features and known issues, can be found on Red Hat's site.

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