Digital Media

More High Schools Streaming Graduations on Web

More schools have begun streaming their graduations on the Internet, to provide a means for people who can't attend the ceremony in person to watch while it unfolds.

Partnership Offers African Culture Film Free Online to Schools

A film with the potential to dispel a great many myths and misperceptions and develop greater understanding between two very different cultures is now available via streaming video for free in-class viewing.

Online Collaborative Research Tool Launches

Collaborative technology developer WebNotes has released WebNotes Pro to the public. The hosted service is designed to help researchers and students share and annotate content and disseminate work through automatically generated reports.

24 Schools To Compete in County-Wide Educational Gaming Tournament

Students from 24 middle schools will compete this week in what is being touted as the first county-wide educational video game competition.

Scholar360 LMS-SN 4.2 Adds Parent Resources

Learning management system developer Scholar360 has released a new version of its LMS, Scholar360 LMS-SN 4.2.

Technology's Impact on Learning Outcomes: Can It Be Measured?

The ongoing debate on the effectiveness of technology use for student learning outcomes still seems to have no clear answers. Some will say technology is highly effective for students; others will say technology has had no measurable impact on outcomes. Why is this, and what can be done about it?

Online School Pilots Cloud Services

The state-funded Minnesota Online High School is piloting a cloud computing initiative to provide its students and teachers with virtual desktops.

Georgia Christian Prep School Launches Program To Teach Digital Product Engineering

In a move to integrate practical instruction in technological development with traditional college preparatory academics, Savannah Christian Preparatory School of Savannah, GA, has launched a rudimentary digital manufacturing course for high school students.

iCloud Expands Collaborative Service with File Sharing

Swedish developer Xcerion is expanding its iCloud collaborative computing service with the addition of file sharing and new community features.

Optical Scanners To Help Disabled Middle Schoolers Achieve Academic Success

Students at Eastmont Middle School in Sandy, UT, will soon have a new technology tool to use when learning to read. Known as ReadingPens, the optical scanners translate the written word into spoken sentences, thus improving the chance that disabled students will learn the material being presented.

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