New Initiatives Aim to Make School Data Interoperable

An array of new initiatives is helping make student data interoperable.

The 6 Key Drivers of Student Engagement

The best way to drive student achievement is to meaningfully connect with students. The best way to do that is through technology.

Focusing Web Searches for K-12 Students

A Georgia K-12 school uses a specialized search and curation engine to deliver age-appropriate, Common-Core-aligned web resources to its students.

Don't Talk to Me About Data

We need a universal dashboard for student information.

How Mobile Technology Is Creating Today's Active Learner

Today's students learn the way they live: in communities connected by mobile technology.

7 Tips for Effectively Managing Your iPad Classroom

The author of<em> iPad in Education for Dummies</em> offers solid advice for unlocking the possibilities of iPads in a classroom.

Making the CFO Your BFF

Forging a connection between technology and financial leaders is key to any digital transformation.

In the Wake of Superstorms, Keeping School Data Safe

Keeping school data safe requires an evolving strategy that's equal parts paranoia, smart use of newer technologies, and taking the pain and turning it into gain.

Facing Down Catastrophe: Disaster Planning for Schools

Joe Annibale, superintendent of Union Beach School District, remembers getting the call one Monday night last October. The custodians reported to him that the lone school in the district was taking on water. And not just water: Hurricane Sandy had engulfed this community of 6,245 people with a slushy cocktail of street runoff, sewage, and salt water, like a scene "out of the Titanic."

Top Interactive Devices for Student Collaboration

Interactive devices can inspire student collaboration--but only when coupled with inspired teaching.