Learning Resources

Cambridge University Press, Knewton Partner To Improve Adaptive Digital Resources

Cambridge University Press and Knewton have partnered with the stated goal of improving the publishing company's next generation of digital English language teaching products.

Desire2Learn 'Supercharges' Personalized Learning with Knowillage Purchase

Education technology company Desire2Learn has acquired a startup with a program that enables instructors to personalize the selection of digital learning resources through an automated process.

LearnBig Launches Educational Search Engine

Educational discovery company LearnBig has launched a Web site that lets students, parents, and teachers search educational content online.

National Flipped Day Encourages Flipping Classrooms with Free Lessons

Organizations are banding together to promote Sept. 6, Friday, as a national "Flipped Day" to encourage teachers to try flipping their classrooms.

2 Free Smithsonian Online Programs Connect Students with Scientists

The Smithsonian Institution is hosting two free online education conferences that will bring scientists together with students and teachers, giving students an opportunity to earn digital badges through the Smithsonian's Quests digital badge program.

Bing Goes Ad-Free for Schools, Names Partner Districts

Microsoft has formally launched Bing for Schools in a nationwide pilot. The service provides privacy-enhanced features for students, free Common Core-aligned learning resources targeted toward specific grade levels, and a technology rewards program for schools.

Flipped Learning Day: Channel One Offers Free Video, Common Core-Aligned Activities

Channel One, an educational video content provider and owner of Channel One News, will provide free video content and Common Core-aligned activities for teachers until Sept. 10 as part of Flipped Learning Network's Flipped Day program.

Free Resources: Saylor Foundation Opens Thousands of Learning Tools to Schools

The Saylor Foundation has opened its Media Library to the public, providing thousands of open educational resources, videos, articles, and full-length textbooks.

Knovation Updates netTrekker User Interface, Adds Content and Images

In preparation for the new school year, Knovation, which provides standards-based content and search tools for the classroom, has updated its search tool designed to help K-12 teachers find the digital resources they need.

Free Platform Provides Educator-Developed, Common Core-Aligned Curriculum

A group of educators, an education foundation, and two ed tech companies have come together to launch a free online platform that provides curriculum materials to schools and connects with student achievement systems.