Networking & Wireless

InfoComm 2010: Rich Media Driving the 'Evolution of the Network,' Cisco Exec Declares

Collaborative technologies like video and telepresence aren't just changing they way people work, learn, and communicate. They're also having an enormous impact on networks and will, in the near future, force radical changes in architecture, according to Cisco's Marthin de Beer, who delivered the opening keynote address at the InfoComm 2010 conference Tuesday in Las Vegas.

Memphis District Overhauls Network, Moves to Hosted VoIP

Memphis City Schools (MCS) in Tennessee has completed two major upgrades to its technology infrastructure, both aimed at improving overall efficiency and subsequent cost savings and creating enhanced educational opportunities offered by advancing technology.

Fighting Viruses from Outside the Network

A persistent virus is what drove George Thornton to look for a different solution. No, not the type of virus that sends school administrators running to their emergency alert systems to warn parents about an H1N1 outbreak, but the other kind--the ones that show up on computers and drag down network operations.

Turning the Page

Did you hear what James Tracy did? If you haven’t, you should consider spending more time at the faculty watercooler, where Tracy has been a trending topic since last summer...

Enter the iPad (or not?)

WiFi: Seeing Through Walls

Getting a strong WiFi signal can be challenging enough without having to worry about 5-foot-thick walls standing between your laptop and the signal source. But that's exactly what teachers and administrators at Lyons Township High School in La Grange, IL, were grappling with when trying to access the institution's existing 802.11g WiFi infrastructure.

Washington International School Moves to 802.11n WiFi

Washington International School in Washington, DC has overhauled what it described as an "inadequate legacy network," replacing it with an 802.11n wireless network.

Connected Learning

The Iowa Communications Network, established in the 1990s, is providing hundreds of classrooms in the state with two-way and one-way video communications, affording public and private schools the opportunity to expand learning opportunities for students.

Top IT Security Concerns: Network Breaches, Risky User Activity

Network breaches represent the foremost nightmare scenario for IT pros, according to a new cross-sector industry report.

Report: Mobile and Classroom Technologies Surge in Schools

About half of all public schools in the United States are providing handheld devices to administrators, teachers, or students, and, according to a new report released by the United States Department of Education, every single public school in the country is using computing technology in some way as part of instruction.