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CTL Teams with PortableCloud to Offer Web Content and Apps Over WiFi Without Internet Connection


CTL (Compute, Teach, Learn) is partnering with PortableCloud to offer the PortableCloud platform and Cube servers, which allow users to access curated files, web content and web apps over WiFi in any device with a browser, regardless of internet connectivity.

The announcement was made today at the TCEA conference in Austin, TX, which concludes Feb. 10.

The PortableCloud Cube micro-server enables schools to ensure that educational content and apps are always available, even in areas without an internet connection. The PortableCloud Cube server is connected to a server applications marketplace where schools can download content, resources and tools to the PortableCloud and it will connect to wireless devices on campus. In a sense, the Cube creates its own WiFi network, according to PortableCloud’s website.

The PortableCloud also gives schools control over the web pages and apps their students can access. PortableCloud Cube servers can be customized for each grade level so students have access to resources appropriate to their curriculum. Common references such as Wikipedia, the Khan Academy, and other educational sites and apps can be readily accessible, while the distractions of other sites on the internet simply won’t be an option, the company said in a news release.

Here are some of the major benefits of the PortableCloud for schools:

  • Ensure content and apps that matter most are always available fast and are appropriate for K–12 students;
  • Integrate with your existing platforms, or make PortableCloud the platform;
  • Run best-in-class, open-source learning solutions;
  • Deploy in-classroom or lecture hall cloud e-learning solutions without requiring any external infrastructure;
  • Connect multiple Cubes to expand local network capacity;
  • Save bandwidth use on core content and learning activities;
  • Provide parent education opportunities via mobile devices;
  • Protect intellectual property with full security options;
  • Keep networks online during power outages with battery options;
  • Download new shared content from PortableCloud Marketplace;
  • Share top lesson plans on PortableCloud Marketplace; and
  • Make deployment easy  with integrated hardware and software.

Computer product manufacturer CTL, headquartered in Beaverton, OR, is exhibiting this week at the TCEA conference in booth 2017. For more information about CTL, visit the company’s website.

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