Networking & Wireless

Aruba Amplifies Mobile Network Strategy

In a push to address the "bring your own iPad" movement, Aruba Networks has introduced a new networking architecture that the company said better reflects the changing nature of computing in the campus setting. Named Mobile Virtual Enterprise, or MOVE, this new model addresses the dramatic increase in the use of personal mobile devices and a shift to predominantly multimedia-rich applications.

3 Questions Schools Should Ask About WiFi

"By asking the important technical questions early in the buying process, districts can avoid major headaches down the road," according to engineer and wireless expert Douglas Haider. So just what are some of the basic questions that all K-12 schools should be asking about their WiFi implementations?

Pennsbury District Puts Up NAC Wall To Keep Out Devices

A school district in Fallsington, PA has implemented a network access control appliance to manage user access to its wired and wireless networks. Pennsbury School District had seen its network security cracked, opening it up to thousands of unauthorized devices.

Michigan District Rolls Out 802.11n To Support Mobile Learning Initiative

In an effort to support laptops, tablets, and handheld devices used by teachers and students, a small Michigan school district has rolled out a new 802.11n wireless network on all of its campuses.

Boise School District Upgrades Wireless to 802.11n

Boise School District has begun upgrading its wireless infrastructure to 802.11n. The Idaho district, which has about 28,000 people--including students, teachers, and other staff--began migrating onto Aerohive gear back in August 2010.

Colorado District Rolls Out WiFi for 1:1 Initiative

Colorado's Fountain Fort Carson School District 8 has overhauled its wireless network to support what has evolved into a vigorous 1:1 mobile computing initiative in its schools.

From Zero to Wireless in 4 Essential Steps

A mobile learning effort requires a speedy and stable wireless network. That means making sure to meet a few imperatives.

Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 Arrive Feb. 16

Microsoft Wednesday released Service Pack 1 for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 to its equipment manufacturing partners.

Leviton Launches Opt-X Unity 40/100G MTP Fiber System

Leviton Network Solutions this week released its new Opt-X Unity 40/100G preterminated MTP fiber system, the first 24-fiber MTP cabling system on the market.

Extron IP Control Processors Manage AV Components over Ethernet

Extron has rolled out two control processors that can remotely access, troubleshoot, and monitor entire AV systems and their individual components through an Ethernet connection.