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ISTE and HP Expand Free Teacher Training in Catalyst Academy Mini-Courses

Intercultural understanding through digital exchanges, a crash course on games for learning, and using mobile apps to convert students into "citizen scientists" are three of the topics that will make up the latest round of "mini courses" offered through HP's free Catalyst Academy.

Texas STEM Camps Get Funding Boost

Twenty universities and colleges in Texas are offering summer-time STEM camps to students, thanks to the annual largesse of a state agency in charge of workforce development.

UK Puts Programming Front and Center in Revamped Computing Curriculum

While the United States has been treading through its Common Core revamp of English/language arts and math curriculum, the United Kingdom has been revamping its curriculum too. That update includes a revision of technology-related studies to put a stronger emphasis on "high level technical skills," including giving teachers more say in what and how to teach and pushing for programming lessons at a young age.

NYU-Poly Launches #STEMNow To Jumpstart Conversation about STEM Education

The Polytechnic Institute of New York University has launched #STEMNow, a campaign designed to spark a national conversation about science, technology, engineering, and math education and to highlight 16 summer programs at the school.

Student-Built Underwater Camera Documents Sea Life In Antarctic Waters

Under the direction of their teacher, who had been sent to Antarctica as part of the National Science Foundation-funded Polar Teachers and Educators Exploring and Collaborating program under the Arctic Research Consortium of the United States, four students have built an underwater camera device for studying several species of fish in Antarctic Peninsula.

2013 National STEM Video Game Challenge Winners Selected

The Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop and E-Line Media have named the 16 winners of the 2013 National STEM Video Game Challenge.

NC's Elkin City Schools Adopts STEAM (STEM with Arts)

A North Carolina school district -- the first in the state -- has decided to become a "STEAM" school system. The decision at Elkin City Schools will be applied to preK-12 classes.

Vernier Adds Logger Pro 3 to Connected Science System for Data Sharing

Vernier Software & Technology has enhanced its Logger Pro 3 software with wireless data sharing, allowing users to access and collaborate on experiment data via their tablet or mobile device.

Report: Professional Development for Mobile Learning Improves Student Engagement and Interest in STEM Subjects

A professional development program to provide teachers with tools and strategies for using mobile learning in the classroom has had a positive effect on student engagement and interest in STEM subjects, according to new research.

Toshiba Releases Software Suite for Education

Toshiba's Digital Products Division (DPD) has unveiled a new software suite for education called the Education Solutions Program, which is intended for K-12 teachers, students, administrators, and parents.