Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

Nashville and Houston Public School Districts Add New Web-Based Game Design Courses

Public school districts in Nashville, TN and Houston, TX will launch new STEM courses in their high schools. The courses will teach students in grades 10-12 how to design and develop computer games.

TI Releases Graphing Calculator Apps for iPad

Texas Instruments has released two new apps for iPad that bring the functionality of its TI-Nspire graphing calculators to iOS.

Humanoid Robot Dance Competition Offers Students Hands-On STEM Experience

California students in grades 6-12 will get a chance this year to program their own robot and compete in Robotic Idol, a robotic dance competition.

Partnership for LA Schools Receives Grant for Los Angeles USD Blended Learning

Continuing its mission to turn around Los Angeles' lowest performing schools, the non-profit organization Partnership for LA Schools will receive additional funding for its blended learning initiative, which supports science, technology, engineering, and math education in the Los Angeles Unified School District through online learning programs.

Game Design: The Key to Education?

Imagine a learning environment where students engage core principals using gameplay, solve problems through team-based collaboration, and use gaming systems in place of standardized textbooks. Is our education system ready for that? Do we have a choice?

Robot Set Helps Teach Math and Science

Can robots teach math? That's what RobotsLab is promoting with the release of its latest robotics product, the Box, a kit of hardware and curriculum intended to teach Algebra 1 and 2, physics, geometry, trigonometry, and pre-calculus for grades seven through 12.

Maryland Schools Enhance STEM Education With GIS Agreement

The State of Maryland has signed a statewide software license agreement to make geographic information system technology available for all K‑12 classrooms and formal after-school programs.

Playing To Learn

Imagine a school where the kids play iPad games to learn about genetics or take on the personas of ghosts to learn about the American Revolution. Those are the approaches to teaching going on at Quest to Learn, a public school in New York City that opened in 2009 expressly to explore how gaming can be integrated with curriculum and where educators work alongside curriculum specialists and game designers to develop instruction.

Google Gives 15,000 Raspberry Pi Computer Boards to UK Students

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has received a grant from Google Giving to provide students in the United Kingdom with 15,000 Raspberry Pi Model B computer boards for learning to program.

Interdisciplinary Exploration Is Key to the Future of Science Education

In his keynote address at FETC 2013 in Orlando Tuesday, science writer Matt Kaplan proclaimed, "There is no reason to limit science education to the expertise of the teacher in the classroom." With so much information at our fingertips, he said, we should be both willing and able to integrate multiple fields of study to enhance our students' experience of science.